This section is dedicated to those of you toying with the notion of becoming an ‘ex’ lawyer.   We talk to people who have already left law behind them to do a wide variety of other things.  Our interviewees will give you food for thought by telling you what they are doing now, how they made the move and, having been in your postion, what advice they can offer....  


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Ex-City lawyer training coaches


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Each feature tells you where that lawyer started and how they reached where they are today.  The aim is to inform and entertain.  There is no better way to get a grip on what your options are than to read about the first-hand experiences of lawyers who have been through it. Equally, it’s nice just to be nosey.


Please get in touch if you know any lawyers who have left private practice and are enjoying themselves doing something OUT OF LAW.


(Note: this section is all about lawyers who have moved to pastures new OUT OF LAW. You can read about lawyers who have moved jobs within the legal world in our WITHIN LAW section.)


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Mixing law with something else...


We also want to tell you all about lawyers who spend a large part of their lives pursuing other interests and manage to fit these other interests around their legal careers.   Click here to read more.




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