Mixing law with something else...

This section is all about lawyers who are more than just lawyers.


We want to hear from all lawyers out there who manage to find the time to get involved in bands, plays, musicals, sporting events, and so on.  We will provide listings and reviews.  If the free publicity sounds appealing, get in touch with us right away.


Because so many lawyers have aspirations to write books, we have separate listings for lawyer-writers below (click here), and we also run the occassional book review and interview some of the authors.


Previous features:


Review of Lawyer's book: '23 Sweet FAs' by Andy Sloan

Penelope Evans - lawyer turned author


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King Rat Band (Rock)

www.kingrat.net - get details of their next gig

Read our review of King Rat here

Adam Khan DJ (and lawyer)

Mainly DJs for a night called Gettin Hectic based in Brixton.  For more info see www.gettinhectic.co.uk. Adam normally DJs under his own name but has started to do downtempo mixes under the name Gentleman Mixer. See www.myspace.com/gentlemanmixer and check out one of his mixes at www.bambamclub.com/radio/full.php?id=26.


Sanjay Bhandari Stand-up comic (and lawyer) Details of his next gig will follow.


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Andy Sloan 23 Sweet FAs

You can read the press release for Andy's book here.  Andy is a lawyer at Lovells.

Nick Laird Utterly Monkey

Read our review of Nick's book here.  Nick is an ex-A&O lawyer who now writes full-time.

Penelope Evans

The Last Girl

A Fatal Reunion

My Perfect silence

Penelope is a barrister-turned-author.  Read our interview with Penelope here.


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